Leslie Camacho


I help business owners succeed by day and co-host the Glimmering Podcast by night. Father of 3. CMS OG. I like my politics like my metal, progressive. He/him.

Work with Me

Freelance COO; Operations as a Service

I specialize in Compassionate Ops: the art of increasing net profit while honoring your values, talent, customers, and your family.

My "Ops as a Service" model puts my 20+ years of leadership experience to work for you, without the overhead of hiring a full time COO.

Together, we can:
assess your goals and make them actionableput a sane growth plan into place create meaningful KPIs to measure progressCreate and/or implement the tools and practices to help your company run as smoothly as possible on a daily basisMeet regularly to keep the plan on track and adjust it as necessary
Let me help you grow your business in a way that supports a life you love!